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SIC Products LTD​

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SIC Products Limited is a subsidiary of Safaricom Investment cooperative. The company is registered under the company act of Kenya and offers all services of Property Management, security and cleaning services. The firm is focused on delivering high quality and customized services to individuals, the private sector and the public.

Today SIC has made its presence strongly felt in the Kenyan property and real estate industry and can with certainty declare itself a market leader in this sector including the property management.

Safaricom Products limited is currently undertaking property management of varied big residential and commercial development projects and remains the ultimate choice for any discerning property owner and investor.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the Real estate partner of choice in Kenya and East Africa.

Our Success

We are committed to delivering quality, consistent, reliable and timely value to our developers and property owners. We also deliver quality experience to our tenants by ensuring they leave in a peaceful, clean and secure environment.

The Team

Our team consists of young, highly motivated and multi-disciplined graduates who are actively involved in property management, letting, consultancy, and development of both residential and commercial properties.

Core Values

Service Proficiency

SIC products Limited has specialized knowledge and experience in the area of property management, letting and marketing. She has very skilled workforce of management with highly motivated and multi-disciplined professional staff that ensures delivery of quality services in property management, letting and selling of both residential and commercial properties.

Our state of the art cloud based property management system makes SIC products limited the ultimate property management and marketing company for the wise property developers and homeowners.

Services offered by SIC products Limited

Common Area Management Services

Safaricom Investment Co-operative has competence in property management and common area management.

Tenants Management

Safaricom Investment Co-operative provides the following services in tenant management;

Service Charge Management

The cost of facilitating common area services is charged to the property owner through the Service Charge levy.

Our Revolutionary Technology Integration

Our Property management technology integration solution ensures all clients handled by our team are documented in a transparent and efficient way. Reports to the owners is also only a click away. All marketing collateral are easy to email to the client, therefore the turnaround time from inquiry to sale is minimized. The vacant units are seamlessly listed on the website where new clients easily reserve units, make payment and signing a lease. The system then seamlessly transitions them to tenants. This gives us a competitive advantage in tenants’ acquisition.

All the properties we manage are tracked on an online portal that is accessible to both the tenants and property owners via the web or smart phone. This secure system provides the following services from the convenience of smart phone;

Our Portfolio

SIC products limited has strength in property management, with over 20 projects currently under our management. 

Our competitiveness is based on an in depth knowledge of the Kenyan real estate industry. We have successfully managed developments in Nairobi middle to upmarket locations. Below is our list of some of the developments we have in our portfolio:



Nairobi, Commercial Space (Letting)

Nairobi, 126 units Apartment Block(Management & Letting)

7 units Commercial Space (Management & Letting)

Nairobi, 54 Units Apartment Block (Management & Letting)

Nairobi, 21 Units Apartment Block (Management & Letting)

Nairobi, 84 Units Apartment Block (Management & Letting)

Nairobi, 4 Unit Apartment (Management & Letting)

Nairobi, 14 Units Apartments (Management & Letting)

Nairobi, 15 Units Commercial Block (Management & Letting)

Kiambu , Residential Apartment(Management & Letting)

Kitengela, Residential (Management & Letting)

Nairobi, 31 units Commercial Space (Management & Letting)

28 units Apartment Block (Management & Letting)

Nairobi, Commercial Space and management