Leaving S.I.C.

  1. To leave SIC a member needs to sell off his/her shares. Click here to see how.
  2. A member has the option of selling of all his shares or just a part of the shares.
  3. Any outstanding project payments accredited to a member will be paid off against your shares, and the balance given back.


  • This is facilitated by the office
  • A non-member is not allowed to buy shares from a member selling.
  • A transfer fee of Kshs. 3000/= will be charged for this process
  • The member will only be paid once all his/her shares have been sold off.
  • A member is not allowed to sell off his/her shares at any amount above the market price.
  • An application is done to sell the shares.
  • Shares on sale are then floated.
  • Active bidding takes place according to the terms and conditions.
  • Finally, the highest bid gets the offer