Bluebells Apartments Phase 1

These apartments are located 700 metres from Mombasa road.

Priced at

KSh 6,800,000.00

Booking Fee: KSh 3,400,000.00

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Key Features of Property

  • The apartments have exquisite finishes.
  • The units have gypsum ceilings.
  • There is water security with 1000 litres storage per unit.
  • There is an electric Fence & perimeter fence.
  • We provide for wastewater treatment.
  • There is solar street lighting.
  • The units are 2 bedrooms.

Payment and Terms

  • This property goes for Ksh 6,800,000.00
  • Flexible payment plans

How to buy this property

  • Book a free site visit to view.
  • Fill in the online offer letter here for free using your smartphone or computer; a copy of the offer letter will be sent to your email for records. No paperwork is required as no printing or scanning is required. A Relationship Manager will be assigned to you to guide you on relevant paperwork.
  • Upon filling the offer letter, Pay the booking fees. Share your payment confirmation with your Relationship Manager who will issue you with a receipt and a Sale Agreement for signing.
  • Complete payment within the payment duration given and A title deed transfer document will be shared with you for signing.
  • We will notify you when your title is ready for picking. You can come pick it at our offices or we can send it to you through a courier service of your choice.

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