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Membership of Safaricom SACCO and S.I.C are mutually exclusive and one is at liberty to join either without any prejudice to existing membership at safaricom SACCO by joining S.I.C

The following members are eligible for membership:

  • Current and former employee of Safaricom limited and their spouses.
  • Current and former employee of S.I.C and Safaricom Sacco.
  • Any other person as may be approved by the Chief Executive officer

Yes, subject to requirements listed in #2 above.

Membership to S.I.C is open to both existing SACCO members as well as prospective members of the SACCO. You can be a member of the S.I.C without being a member of the SACCO and vice versa.

The return on investment will be computed based on the duration within which one's contribution has been invested therefore the time value of money shall be taken into consideration.
SIC will pursue investments using the pooled resources of members and they will in turn enjoy a return on these investments in terms of dividends on shares and therefore no loan offered by SIC.