Safaricom Investment Cooperative’s key objective is to pursue investments for the maximization of member’s contributions and thereby creating wealth for its shareholders.

We are at the forefront of the industry and always seek to attract and retain talented, creative and innovative team players who are excited by the opportunity of pushing the frontiers of the evolving market, growing our services, exciting our customers and contributing to our community.

At SIC, we take pride in our talent and develop them to realize their maximum potential!

Vacancy: Head of Marketing

Safaricom Investment Co-operative (SIC) was set up in 2009 under the Co-operatives Act Cap 490 to pursue joint investments for its members and has been in the real estate and investment space since its inception. Safaricom investment cooperative seeks to fill the position of a head of marketing.

Requirements of the role

  1. Demonstrable experience in marketing management in the real estate sector or investment sector.
  2. Support development and implementation of comprehensive marketing strategic plan.
  3. Provide leadership in building a strong corporate brand that has a strong presence in the market.
  4. Campaign planning and oversight on media buying, campaign execution and campaign review.
  5. Leadership in obtaining market insights and customer feedback.
  6. Spearhead innovative product development and product pricing.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Strategy; Development of annual marketing plans aligned to the overall business strategy.
  2. In charge of marketing at the corporate level for the organization.
  3. Continuous evaluation of the plans for adherence as well as alignment to industry/market forces.
  4. Business; Entrenching ROI into marketing activities.
  5. Ensuring that the marketing budget is spent in a cost-effective way.
  6. People; Leading as well as managing direct reports.
  7. Fostering symbiotic relationships with stakeholders both in and out of the business Partnerships.
  8. Responsible for managing any agencies assigned to the marketing department i.e. Advertising, Media, PR and Digital agencies.
  9. Lead role in providing creative stimulus and insights that ensure campaigns are disruptive and cohesive from a channel point of view.
  10. Research; coordinating research activities for various products as well as overall brand.
  11. Constantly leveraging market insights with regards to product and campaign development.
  12. Integrated marketing and communication activities that help move the brand forward.
  13. Develop the brand strategy and implement brand building activities.
  14. Negotiating and secure prime advertising opportunities on the various media platforms.

Professional and Academic Qualifications

  1. A relevant Degree from a recognized University in Kenya.
  2. A post graduate Degree in Marketing or relevant field.
  3. Must be a member of related Professional Organization.

Knowledge and Skills

  1. Not less than 5 years’ experience in a marketing management role.
  2. Experience of working in Kenya in real estate and in investment sector.
  3. Excellent analytical, communication, and negotiation skills.
  4. Strong customer relationship management skills.
  5. Collegiate working style with a strong management capability.
  6. Ability to drive outstanding customer experience and inculcate a customer centric culture in the organization.
  7. Skilled in brand strategy and product development.


If you meet the above requirements, kindly send your applications to by 10th December 2021.

Land Wanted!

SIC is looking for land parcels.

Interested landowners with unencumbered titles are invited to submit the outlined details to the link:

Request for Proposal for Provision of Development Management/lead Consultant Services


Pepea fixed deposit account

Terms and conditions

  • This is a product for Safaricom Investment Cooperative members only
  • Minimum amount is KES 50,000
  • Mode of payment is one-off lump sum payment.
  • If you withdraw before maturity, you will lose all interest accrued.No fee will be charged for withdrawing before maturity.
  • The principal is payable back together with Interest upon maturity
  • Forms to be submitted with a copy of your Passport photo, PIN and ID
  • Upon Maturity, refund to be effected within 10 days of notice issue
  • Interest is payable subject to 15% withholding tax.

Interest rates

Amount 6 Months 7-12 Months
 50,000-500,000 10.00% 10.50%
 500,001-1,000,000 10.50% 11.00%
1,000,001-3,000,000  11.00% 11.50% 
> 3,000,001  11.50% 12.00%

The completed forms should be sent to

Offer on apartments!!

Blue bells garden apartments & Ruaka Ridge apartments

SIC 2020 Board nominations and elections

Safaricom staff members are invited to apply for exciting positions on Safaricom Investment Cooperative’s 2020 Board.

We require 3 Board members and 1 Board supervisor.

If interested, kindly send your application to


Ibuka is an incubation and acceleration program by NSE started in December 2018 to help SMEs enhance their financial, technical, operational, commercial and strategic aspects of their businesses. This is then accelerated by tracking valuations to enable the companies to raise capital through debt and equity market. The program has attracted huge interest from companies and we are the eighteenth company admitted in to it. Our admission on the 31st October 2019 ushered us in to the big journey of tapping in to the benefits of this programme.

What value does SIC stand to gain from this program? 

SIC at 10 is a time for the cooperative to prepare for the next phase of growth. Ibuka incubation program will help us enhance our business structure in to our next chapters of growth.

This exposure will help unlock SICs growth potential, give us more visibility and the ability to attract investment from local and international investors.

We will have easy access to financial consultants and advisors to help us rearrange our financial reports and balance sheet to give us access to cheaper debt and equity without burdening the shareholders but still maintaining the high value and returns for their investments.

This envisaged growth and brand visibility locally and internationally, will offer more opportunities to our members by accelerating growth of their shares as well as offering high demand for easy sales of the shares by members.

This programme will help us in enhancing our corporate governance through frequent reporting and clearer monitoring tools.

Project of the month


Tucked away aptly in the heart of the serene and evergreen Kiambu County is The Zaria Village; a gated family oriented community. The development features 331-quarter (¼) acre serviced plots available for sale. The Zaria Village sits on 120 acres of land, with large open spaces and numerous tactile features for families to enjoy.

It is located 25 km from the Central Business District, off the Ruiru-Kiambu bypass. The Zaria Village offers a quiet and serene environment to pursue quality life for both self and family. The project is in 3 distinct zones: The Zaria Green Gem, The Zaria Grey and the Zaria Golden Rod.

The land borders remarkable neighbourhoods such as Tatu City, CIC, Fusion Capital, Dew Ridge (Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya) and Amani Ridge. It enjoys proximity to top notch schools such as Nova Academy, Wood Creek School and Crawford International School.

The development is centrally located and easily accessible from Nairobi CBD, Westlands, Kiambu and Thika towns. It has great access to shopping malls and recreational facilities, for example, a 10-minute drive from Thika Road Mall and easy access to Village Market, Two Rivers Mall, Ridgeways Mall, Garden City and the upcoming Tatu City ‘Mall of Kenya’. Golf clubs such as Ruiru Country club, Windsor golf and country club, Muthaiga golf club and Migaa golf estate are within 30 minutes’ drive from the project.

The Zaria Village is designed to inculcate the concept of a strong and attractive community as well as a pleasant neighbourhood to live in while being surrounded by like-minded residents in a modern establishment that maintains a natural and calming ambiance.

On Saturday 14th September 2019, Safaricom Investment Cooperative (SIC) launched the project at The Zaria Village Grounds in Kiambu County, where among other activities; a ground-breaking was done at one of the 331 plots, which are up for sale. The ground-breaking signifies the readiness of commencement of building, with bush clearing and planting of trees for the hedges almost nearing completion.

Speaking at the event, Peter Gichangi, who serves as the board chairman and director of the Zaria village assured investors that infrastructure will be ready within six months, to be completed around April 2020, adding that they need not worry about contractors, as SIC will do their best to ensure they get effective and reliable services.

The project boasts of many amenities including four different approved house plans dubbed The Zara, The Zaira, The Zayana and The Zazi, with each of the designs having a unique interior and exterior, and details will be shared with buyers. Quality internal cabro roads, clubhouse with a 30 meter pool, perimeter stonewall, and a manned state of art gate with CCTV cameras. Project is serviced with water and electricity already on site, solar street lighting, 2 recreational areas one by River Mukuyu, and the other, a man-made lake for all fishing and boat rides expeditions, a provision for kindergarten centre and provision for a mini shopping mall.

“We bought the land when it was still under Palm Ridge. Since then, we have been receiving ongoing updates from the developers during each stage of the process. We are excited to start building our home and we hope next year, we will be celebrating Christmas from this beautiful place we can’t wait to call home.” says Ms Esther Mwangi, who is among the first people to invest in the project. In addition, the early investors were consulted when SIC was coming up with the four different house designs that will be constructed in the Zaria Village. The project targets the middle and upper-middle-income earners, with an extension to the Kenyans in diaspora looking to build homes in Kenya.

The project’s landscape is an eco-friendly concept that marries sustainability and preservation of beautiful flora and fauna on the site. Street lighting powered by solar electricity, will pave way to refreshing morning jogs and memorable evening strolls. At every turn and corner, the project intends to bring out a burst of colour on the property, full blooming nature to keep you happy, peaceful and rejuvenated every time you are home.

During the launch last month, guests engaged in a tree planting exercise, which saw over 250 trees planted on one day. We believe in the significant role tree play in our lives and in balancing the ecosystem and it is our intention to keep the project greener than ever.

‘’This is a great project, and any young family seeking to have a fulfilled life should consider it. It is close to CBD, yet gives you a chance to unwind, play and live.” Mr. Joe Ogutu, Chief Special Projects Officer, Safaricom PLC.

Gated communities have a number of benefits that investors should consider when choosing a location. They include safety and security with fixed entrance and exits ensuring only residents and approved guests enter the community. It also brings about a sense of community, building trust and friendship among residents, and with shared facilities, it makes for comfortable and affordable living. A gated community enhances the value of land and property especially if a trusted and known developer is selling it. It is a safe haven to raise your children and importantly, gated communities are generally greener which helps in maintaining a beautiful environment.

Dream it, own it, live it. The Zaria Village.

A decade in business

We have walked the investment journey for 10 years now and in doing so, we have grown, not by chance but by taking deliberate steps while working together towards specific goals. True strength comes through continuous effort as well as struggle and understanding the direction we are moving, the legacy and impact of our footprints. We take this profound moment to say thank you for how deep your engagement with us goes and how important it has been over the years.

Quantum of Real Estate 

In the decade in business, we have bought property in excess of KES5.5b, transforming the lives of many Kenyans. These projects were once called home for years, and when it was finally time to let go for one reason or another, we have been the preferred partner over and over again, bettering our vendors’ lives even just by association with the brand. We have helped families in distress, opened Kenya to Kenyans, and schooled children. We have played an important role in a great number of families across Kenya.

Over 2800 titles have been issued to individual buyers of the 129 projects we have sold over the years, including 4 housing projects. We acknowledge the risks that come with the real estate in particular, and with every other business. As we navigate the investment journey, we have had our fair share of challenges, some of which have persisted. To progress, we are picking lessons and progressively working to resolve the noted challenges and to avoid repeats. With the Juja titles, for example, we are on the tail end of the closing and hopefully before the clock ticks 00.01 in December 31st 2019, all our buyers will have their titles. What joy this will bring to us!

Wealth Creation 

We have provided enablement of an environment for wealth creation and made the process of property acquisition seamless to our customers. We have also enabled families to own homes with over 360 housing units sold over the years, as well as speculative land products, which have been mostly used for capital gains and we have created communities in places where there were none.

Our intention has been to find affordable investment options, and we have accomplished exactly that. We carefully analysed the market, then acquired and sold products within the range. This, in fact, has created a trend where our competition looks out for our investment locations and then acquires property next to us, down to brand names. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we do take note. These actions make it clear that we are market leaders, that we are the firm to be watched and so we take the position with so much confidence a

Goals of Investments  

There are 2 ways an investor makes money: through capital gains and earning dividends. Over the years, we have given back to you in dividends totalling KES.2b. We strongly believe in the value we have created, and the impact we have had over the years. Over the past 4 years, we have had a decline in the percentage of our rebates pay-out, however, we have maintained a leading position in the market and the value of the shares has increased by over 400% since inception. The rebates pay-out have equally increased since inception. We opened shop in 2009 with KES 700k pay-out, and last year, 2018, our rebates stood at KES. 375m. The all high inflation rates of 7.9% in 2017 has translated to slow uptake of real estate products, with it decreasing to 4.8% in 2018 and now 5% in 2019. As an economy, we are yet to stabilize in order to start reaping well from our key industry. According to a September 2019 IMF report looking ahead, Kenya’s GDP is expected to rise to 5.9% in 2020, and this is expected to double by 2024. The key driver for this growth is the ongoing investment being put in place to support the implementation of the government’s big 4 agenda.

Investment Diversification 

We are working on diversifying our portfolio bearing in mind the current property state in the country that will allow us to continue giving attractive returns. These include private equity and joint ventures in different sectors like education, entertainment, agriculture and health care. We are making great headway and we will soon be closing on some.

Membership Growth 

With 200 shy of reaching 5000 members, one thing is very clear: you, our members are the building blocks that SIC relies on. Noticeably, 51% of our members are women, and we could not be more proud! In addition, we are close to 50% mark in gender equality, as an organisation and we cannot assert enough, how important this is. We are proud that we are creating a generation of strong financially literate and independent women, who are clear on their wealth creation path and are brave enough to pursue it.

We are very intrigued by your thoughts of how far we have come as a family and for this reason, we will be looking forward to engaging a few of you, by clicking on this link and filling out the form with details on availability for a testimonial video. In addition, if we get 20+ 1 forms, we will upload all the videos on the website, as recorded. We are keen to understand what your opinion of SIC has been for the past 10 years and your recommendation for a better tomorrow.

We welcome comments on this bulletin, which will guide us on items you would like covered in the next bulletin and this can be shared via this link.   

God bless you, God bless SIC