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Are you looking to be financially secure? Do you want an investment vehicle that will serve your needs and more? Well, look no further, Safaricom Investment Co-operative (SIC) is the investment partner you need to grow your investment portfolio.

Safaricom Investment Co-operative Society is an investment company that pursues joint investments for its members, through real estate investments, marketable securities, and private equity.  Are you still wondering why you should invest with SIC? Below are reasons why:

Wealth creation

The ultimate goal for any worthy investment vehicle is creating wealth. Investing with SIC gives you the chance to create wealth through buying shares that will grow in value overtime. You are also able to save and re-invest in your savings which will bring value for your money. The money you earn from your shares and savings can further be used to conduct other profitable endeavors that will increase your net worth and improve your quality of life. SIC also provides you with quality real estate products such as The Miran Residences in Ruaka, which are a good measure of wealth.

Financial freedom

You can never under-estimate the impact of financial freedom. The more you save and invest, the more you get to understand how to manage your finances and ultimately achieve financial freedom. At SIC, we offer you the opportunity to not only learn about real estate investments, but also about investing in shares and dividends through our member education forums and investor forums. Through the information provided on the different business units available, you are also able to get insights into the various strategies to employ into making your money work for you.

Real estate investment deals

Real estate investment is one of the ways that you can secure your future and create wealth. What if there was a way you could get prime properties at discounted prices? That is what being a member of SIC offers you. As a member, you will be able to buy into some of our real estate products that have been tailored to suit your needs, at a discounted price. In addition, any information on new projects, such as the Brookvale Tuala in Ongata Rongai, will reach you faster therefore giving you a head start.

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Security for your savings and investments

Investing with SIC guarantees you the safety of your savings. We are keen in ensuring that our investor’s money is safe. We are also able to handle risks on your behalf in case of any liabilities. Many investors tend to fall prey of real estate scammers, this is why we ensure that we have conducted enough due diligence on your behalf before investing your money in any project. This in turn saves you the hassle of investing in unsecured properties from individuals looking to reap you off your hard-earned money. Further, we are a recognized entity under the State Department for Co-operatives in Kenya which is evidence of our legitimacy in service offerings.

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