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You have purchased your new home and now it is time to move in. Moving into your new home and having a new living space can be such an exciting moment, and therefore it is important to ensure that you do your best to ensure that your children are always safe while at home.

Accidents are most of the time unpredicted, and with our curious little explorers, chances of being involved in one accident or the other are high while playing around the home. It is not always possible to be there with them to supervise all their movements in order to keep them from harm or being hurt. This is why it is important to create a completely safe environment where they can be free to explore with minimal risks. If you are wondering how to do that, here are some useful tips.

Childproof your home

Identify any potential hazards in your new home and make the necessary adjustments. Install safety gates both at the top and bottom of the staircase to control your children’s access to the stairs. Use plug protectors for all the unused electrical outlets and secure heavy furniture to the walls to help guarantee your children’s safety. Most importantly keep any dangerous substances such as cleaning detergents out of their reach.

Secure the windows and doors

Ensure that you install child proof locks on all the windows and doors, especially windows that are accessible to the children. If you have to open the windows, ensure you use window stops when opening them. This will prevent the children from opening the windows wide enough to pass through which might be dangerous. As a safety precaution, you could also install childproof locks on all the doors leading outside the house.

Install smoke and fire alarm systems

You can never be too careful with your child at home. Install fire and smoke alarms in all the rooms in the house and have them checked regularly for efficiency. This will help warn you in case of a fire outbreak which gives you time to not only save your child but your home as well. Also, keep flammable materials out of reach including lighters, matches, stovetop burners, and hot appliances. Aside from installing these systems, also ensure that your older children are trained on how to use and manage fire and smoke systems and equipment at home.

Free photo fire alarm switch

Install home security monitors

When choosing your home, consider an area with a security system set in place, but you could also add additional security cameras in the house that will help you monitor your children’s movements. This will enable you to know when your child is in trouble and help you react faster to avoid fatal home accidents.

Photo over shoulder view of unrecognizable black man holding screwdriver and adjusting security camera while installing it

Home ownership is an exciting journey but an even more exhilarating experience when you are assured of the safety of your children, invest with Safaricom Investment Cooperative to find a home that is suitable for you and your family. To invest, visit the Safaricom Investment Co-operative website:

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