Ibuka is an incubation and acceleration program by NSE started in December 2018 to help SMEs enhance their financial, technical, operational, commercial and strategic aspects of their businesses. This is then accelerated by tracking valuations to enable the companies to raise capital through debt and equity market. The program has attracted huge interest from companies and we are the eighteenth company admitted in to it. Our admission on the 31st October 2019 ushered us in to the big journey of tapping in to the benefits of this programme.

What value does SIC stand to gain from this program? 

SIC at 10 is a time for the cooperative to prepare for the next phase of growth. Ibuka incubation program will help us enhance our business structure in to our next chapters of growth.

This exposure will help unlock SICs growth potential, give us more visibility and the ability to attract investment from local and international investors.

We will have easy access to financial consultants and advisors to help us rearrange our financial reports and balance sheet to give us access to cheaper debt and equity without burdening the shareholders but still maintaining the high value and returns for their investments.

This envisaged growth and brand visibility locally and internationally, will offer more opportunities to our members by accelerating growth of their shares as well as offering high demand for easy sales of the shares by members.

This programme will help us in enhancing our corporate governance through frequent reporting and clearer monitoring tools.