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SIC Public Notice

Dear Members and fellow investors,

We bring to you attention the adverse mention of Safaricom Investment Cooperative and local dailies being investigated by Directorate of Criminal Investigations regarding transactions on post-paid meter bills.

The impugned meter number -46613036 relates to an apartment in one of our housing projects located in Mlolongo along Mombasa Road. We confirm that the apartment was sold, and full ownership transferred to the purchaser in August 2015.

Owing to the above allegations, we in concert with our property management companies are in touch with utility service providers to ensure their records are fully updated to reflect the rightful owners.

However, as a law-abiding corporate citizen, we will appear before the DCI on 3rd July 2019 as summoned to set the record straight.

Safaricom Investment Co-operative assures you that at no point did its members of staff or its appointed agents defraud or collude to defraud Kenya Power, neither was it involved in perpetrating any of the allegations made in the publications. We remain steadfast in ensuring that all our business operations and the transactions with our members, clients, suppliers and the public are above board and adhere to our core values that include integrity and honesty.


Peter Gichangi
Board Chair,
Safaricom Investment cooperative