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Kenya’s economy is booming and investors are quickly scrambling for various investment opportunities available to them. With an average growth rate of 6%, government is trying to facilitate ease of doing business so as to create a conducive environment for foreign direct investment.

If you are thinking of investing in real estate or property, this is the right time to do so as with the growing population, there is also a growing middleclass with disposable income fueling the demand of land and property. Land as a factor of production is the most secure long term investment one can acquire, as it requires very minimal capital to maintain, one can speculate with it and still use it as collateral to gain capital to develop it.

There are plenty of real estate companies with good offers to investors interested in commercial or residential properties. Anyone willing to spare a little of their savings to buy land will reap big, case in point being Kitengela town. A decade ago it was a dusty outpost with vast chunks of land available for as low as 40,000 Ksh per acre. Fast forward to now and it fetches close to Ksh. 1.5 Million for 1/8 acre!

Most of these companies have easy monthly paying schemes that allows investors to pay small amounts over certain duration of time without denting the wallet!