HomeBlogsFive things to consider before buying land to build a home
  1. Location: This is a very important factor as it really determines the cost of land. Nairobi has reached its maximum housing development capacity due to scarcity of land hence high parcel prices. Luckily for anyone planning to build a home you can easily acquire land at affordable rates outside the city for example Kitengela and its environs. Barely 30 minutes from the central business district, this area offers the perfect spot to build your dream home.


  1. Topographical survey of the intended area is very important as you may buy land in an area prone to floods. As you plan to construct your house remember to also do soil survey of the land as it will determine how high the house will be built and need be contingency measures to mitigate any issues arising e.g. If your land has swampy clay soil, it means the water table is high and you need a firm foundation for your property to prevent water seepage.


  1. Security: One of the fundamental rights to any family is the security of their loved ones and investment. Majority of gated settlements outside Nairobi normally engage the Kenya Police Service through community policing initiatives and build police posts within the settlements, with the objective of enhancing overall security of the area.


  1. Accessibility of service provisions: Ensure the parcel of land you intend to purchase has basic amenities like water, sewerage disposal, power supply and road access. These basic needs will ensure that you and your family are to live a comfortable life. In some settlement schemes power, water and sewerage may be far from the settlement but by building consensus with the county government in the area, most of these basic facilities are given at subsidies rates


Socio-economic amenities nearby : Moving your family from the relative comfort of suburban Nairobi to the a gated community outside the city may be a challenging task, as one has to ensure that there good schools for the children to attend nearby, a shopping centre with adequate amenities like a banking hall, shopping centers, hospitals among others. This ensures convenience and better quality of life for your family